Goals and dreams were just a small part of the ambition that gleamed in the eyes of young Hipolito Anaya. Born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico, Hipolito had quite a number of achievements here in the United States that he knew he had to accomplish. Along with his wife, Ana Maria, together they took their first step in the business industry by creating and opening up a small tortilla factory in east side of Las Vegas. In the year 1989, Hipolito and Ana Maria opened a 1,200 sq. ft. establishment where they produced and distributed tortillas with an authentic and delicious Mexican flavor. Being a simple tortilla establishment, the couple decided to add more room to their facility to offer the community authentic Mexican products and a hot deli. This expansion consisted of an additional 1,300 sq. ft. which only placed them one step closer to developing a full service Supermarket.

In December of 1999, Hipolito and Ana Maria decided to go through and build a completely new establishment from the ground up. The new building consisted of 9,000 sq. ft. and included just a little bit of everything the young couple had always dreamed of. The small store, but yet fully serviced, was created and divided into different departments: Meat, Bakery, Produce, La Cocina (Deli), and Groceries. This Supermarket was the perfect addition to the Las Vegas Hispanic community, making difficult to get products a thing of the past. Mariana's #1, was the very first store in Las Vegas area to provide consumers with the a Hispanic Supermarket concept. Just as Hipolito and family had imagined, Mariana's was a success and exceeded every aspect that they had imagined. Having the help and support of Hipolito and Ana Maria's children, they knew that their successful accomplishments would not stop there.

Hipolito and Ana Maria's family consisted of Ruben, Joanna, Eric, and Elvis Anaya. Together, they would soon continue the Anaya success even further. In April of 2002, the Anaya family purchased and renovated a 32,000 sq. ft. building which would soon be Mariana's #2. They took their same concept of their first store and turned it into something completely amazing and quite impressive. With love, support, and help from family and the Las Vegas community. The Anaya family couldn't be prouder to have offered another important contribution to the Las Vegas community. Mariana's #2 provided and featured some of the most modern and up to date features that a Supermarket had to offer. In 2004 Mariana's was recognized as the best ethnic market in Las Vegas by the Review-Journal best of Las Vegas readers poll. Having already two successful Supermarkets in Las Vegas, The Anaya family wanted to establish another Supermarket in the south side of Las Vegas because of popular demand. After quite some time of planning, hard work, and constructing the development of the new Supermarket was under way. In August of 2004 the completely brand new Mariana's #3 took place. Built from the ground up, the Anaya family had once again out done themselves by bringing great products, great service and outstanding appearance. Mariana's #3 now offers a juice bar, consisting of aguas frescas, natural juices, and more. As far as for the Anaya family goes, they will continue to strive and bring nothing but the absolute best to the Las Vegas community. Ladies, gentlemen, and competition, the best is yet to come from MARIANA'S SUPERMARKETS!
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